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Positive Reinforcement Training Suggestion - Michael's Pack

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 1:47 pm
by Ozzy
I am new to the world of Brittany's and was lucky to adopt my new furry friend. I live in New Jersey and am looking for a positive reinforcement trainer to work with my dog. I Live in Monmouth County New Jersey and was recommended Michaels's Pack ( by my local pet store. I see on their website that they offer at home dog training services in Monmouth County ( ... th-county/). Does anyone have any experience working with Michael's Pack and Brittany's? Does anyone have any other at home training recommendations? As I said I am new to the world of Brittany's and want to make the right choice, I've done extensive research and feel like positive reinforcement is the way to go. Thanks in advance for feedback/suggestions.