Remembering Maggie [Shafer's sister]

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Remembering Maggie [Shafer's sister]

Post by youjach »

We had to put our Maggie to sleep yesterday. She would have been 14 yrs old. We know deep down we did the right thing. Her hips were bad. And something happened on Sunday we don't know what, if it was her walking up the steps or playing w/ Shafer who knows what happened but she couldn't walk. We had to carry her up and down the steps and actually hold her behind when she was going tot he bathroom.

We knew. So Monday am we went and had her put to sleep. We had xrays taken and it confirmed her hips were gone, nothing left.

Just last week she was enjoying swimming. Things change so fast.

Shafer [her adopted brother from ABR] is very lonely. He has been whinning and doesn't want to eat by himself.

We will miss her something awful.

The only mistake I made was not having them give me her body back to bury. I wish I did but yesterday being so distraught. I wish she was home...

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Post by Karen_P »

I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Remembering Maggie

Post by Fancy »

I didn't know your Maggie but it's always hard to let go of someone so dear to your life :cry: ... fortunately, her folks knew when the time had come and she'll always love you for that!!

Sounds like Shafer is going to need some extra loving, too!! Ya'll are in our prayers!

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Post by Carol »

:cry: :cry: :cry:

I'm so sorry for your loss...
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Post by Lorie »

:cry: :cry: :cry: Your in our thoughts and prayers.

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Post by Cindy »

I'm so sorry about Maggie. It's never an easy decision to make even if you know you're making the right one. Try to keep that picture of her enjoying a swim in your mind - something that will make you smile instead of making you sad. And give Shafer lots of extra attention becasue it sounds like he's as sad as you are. :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Post by DLDoiron »

I'm so sorry for your loss but you did the best thing for Maggie. My prayers are with you and your family.
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Post by Annie'sRebecca »

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. So sorry for your loss. :(
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Post by Dave »

You did the right thing . I'm sorry for your loss :( . Dave
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Barb Wright
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Post by Barb Wright »

:cry: A sad day, but remember you will meet again. She is at the Bridge, pain-free and with a happy smile, waiting to spend forever with you.
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Post by kat »

I am so so sorry, I know how it hurts. Time will heal, it's just a rough wait. As Barb said, she is running and happy now, but something else she told me once, "as long as she is in your memories she is not really gone... and will be there beside you on silent paws". I found that a very comforting thought, still do. Hang in there, let Shafer comfort you and vice versa.
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Helen E.
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Post by Helen E. »

So sorry to hear about Maggie. :( Be happy that she lived a good long life, thanks to your love and care. Keep Shafer busy - it will be good for both of you.

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Post by HOPE »

:cry: :cry: I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is never an easy decision. But you knew that she was suffering, you did the best you could. We are thinking and praying for you.
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Post by swillow66 »

My thoughts and prayers for your sadness and loss - Shelli
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Remembering Maggie....

Post by Streenie79 »

I am so sorry to hear of your loss of brings back memories to us all. :cry:

My vet of many years ago was a family friend and my dad's hunting partner, and had for many years hunted over my Brittanys. When my first gal, "Annie", became so terribly sick at the age of 9, and the time came for me to let her go, I remember him saying to me..."You are helping "Annie" do what she needs and what she is trying to do. "Annie" needs you now maybe more than she ever are truly helping your friend." While it didn't erase my sadness, I've always remembered what he said as he put her to sleep.

We'll be thinking of you. Just know you were a true friend to Maggie.

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