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Did your Britt make you laugh today? Did he do something so smart, you are blown away? Those puppy teeth causing you to tear up, and you need an outlet? Or do you want to post a picture of his or her latest point? This is the place for it!
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Re: A new owner .

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elandguth wrote:Wow, thanks to all of the replies and advice. Kepler is now 3 months and full-on biting, digging, and chewing :D This website and forum has been very useful.
Thanks and wish us luck!
Best of luck Erin!

Just to give you a little background- Monty, the guy in my signature, is not hunted at all. That being said, my wife is a marathon runner. She started (seriously) running with Monty when he was about a year old (she would take him for a half mile, to get him used to heeling on runs when he was 7 or 8 months). Like a person they have to build up endurance, but when they do, they become GREAT running buddies. Monty has done up to 22 mile training runs with my wife- in fact, he has done the full marathon training schedule with her, and he would have run the marathon had the race organizers allowed it. She taught him to leave squirrels, rabbits, etc.. alone on runs, and to run in a heel, and she has trained him to drink from a water bottle (gotta keep the dogs hydrated too!).

One of the best investments she made was a "buddy system" running leash. It goes around your waist, so you can run with the dog hands free. THE best investment we made was an e-collar, and having him recall trained on it. In addition to running, we regularly take him to a local field to really stretch is legs out.

If you have any questions about long distance running with a britt, feel free to PM me, or post them here. And welcome to the message board! :D

He's so hot right now.

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