Do you spoil your Britts?

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Did your Britt make you laugh today? Did he do something so smart, you are blown away? Those puppy teeth causing you to tear up, and you need an outlet? Or do you want to post a picture of his or her latest point? This is the place for it!
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Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Ralph »

I have to admit that my Abby, pictured below, is VERY spoiled and I know that it is my and Lisa's doing that she is that way. Apart from me and Lisa, she basically rules the roost and believes that she should be able to do or go anywhere she darn pleases!
She has no problem hopping onto the couch and trying to push you off if you are in her spot.
Is she isn't preoccupied with chasing some moth or something, and we try and pet the other dogs, she will hop right into your lap and demand all of the attention.
When Lisa says bedtime, she hops into the bed and gives her a look as if to say where are you going to sleep and refuses to move. Sometimes Lisa has to actually push her out!
The other night, she hopped into bed with me and tried to push my head off of my pillow because she wanted it! LOL
Of course, a stern "no" is enough to remind her that Lisa and I "rule the roost" not her and she settles down. She becomes very upset if she thinks we are angry with her. I have to admiit, though, she is a good dog and is well behaved. She is a joy to have around!

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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by janet909 »

She's absolutely beautiful !!!! And yes, of course I spoil my Brits. :D The best is when I'm in bed with the two of them and my DH comes in and I ask him "and where are you sleeping tonight?" as they are sprawled out, taking all the room. :lol: They do scootch over for him though. And we do have to physically move Moby when we want to sit on the couch. :roll:

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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Dave »

My Brittanys aren't spoiled , too much :roll: :lol: . If Levi is sprawled out taking up my spot I'll just grab my pillows and sleep on the couch . I always say because I want to watch TV though :roll: . Dave
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Cindy »

She IS pretty. And don't feel bad - sounds like you've raised your dog to be pretty much like the rest of ours - spoiled but sweet! And the fact that she responds to a "no" is just an added benefit!!
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Muddy Creek Britts »

Sounds like Abby has all the best traits of her momma and poppa. :P :lol:

Storm is our attention hog. Pay attention to any other dog, and he is right between you. Then you get a paw in the chest until you pet him. Pause one second and the paw is immediately back in your chest.

Maggie is the queen of seats. If I'm sitting in the chair and she's on the couch, she'll give out a growl...not mean, just one of those "look at me" rumbles. That will continue until I look at her. If I look back away, another growl. We figured out that that's her way of telling us she wants our seat. If we don't move, she comes over and puts her head under our arm...her signal for us to scooch forward and ride the edge of the cushion; she wants the back. :roll: And she'll keep her head there until we move. :lol: Or until I occassionally stand up for myself. Sometimes she'll even get right back up if I move to the couch and try to steal that seat right back from me.

Thankfully Timber isn't too bad. He likes attention, but without the annoyance of a paw in the chest. And he really likes his space, especially when he's tired. After dealing with Maggie and Storm, it kinda hurt my feelings he was not so needy. Even as a younger pup, he would go to the spare bedroom and sleep by himself...on the bed, of course. :wink:
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Ron »

Chester just loves my chair, when I get up off of it ,to go do some thing , in a flash he is in it :roll: then I have to drag him off of it to sit in it again. Roy loves to lay in my lap when I have my feet up , and he goes to sleep 8) . When I get up with Roy laying on my lap, he takes his good time getting off and when he gets on the floor their is a loud (sigh) :lol: . Also Roy loves to push me out of bed with those long legs of his ,like last night I found my self hitting the bed room floor!!! :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol:. Ron

Barb Wright
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Barb Wright »

Nope.....Yep.....well, I guess it's all in your perspective :P :P :lol: I like to think of most of the "interaction" as SHARING :wink: :lol: Love understands all, love forgives all, love soaks in all the special moments.....ah, life with a dog, nothing like it. And if you have more than one dog you are blessed beyond belief :D
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Pretty1 »

with a name like Pretty are you kidding me. :) She has control of the futon and a wing back chair in the living room and any other place she has decided is her. Pretty gave up sleeping on my bed because I took up too much space.

Helen E.
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Helen E. »

Of course my girls are spoiled, and I wouldn't change a thing! :lol:

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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by headtrip_honey »

Muddy Creek Britts wrote: Storm is our attention hog. Pay attention to any other dog, and he is right between you. Then you get a paw in the chest until you pet him. Pause one second and the paw is immediately back in your chest.
That sounds exactly like Lizzy.

We spoil our dogs, but they are good, thankfully, and have a few manners. They never push us out of seats (but there's no need, because there's always room for them) and they know the meaning of "off" and "excuse me!".

But they're spoiled, nonetheless. :D
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by adele »

Lola is allowed on the couch but she doesn't like it there. She's not allowed in the bedroom. She sleeps in her crate. So by some standards, no she is not spoiled (still fresh?). I've raised her properly to know her place 8) . On the other hand, if she wants to be rubbed she gives that growly command and cutsie look from her window seat and one of us will get up and go rub her :roll:. If she approaches me with a stuffed animal and a vibrating tail I will stop what I'm doing and play with her. This morning (as on most mornings) both myself and my husband were on our knees giving her highness her morning massage (one had her back and neck the other her chest and tummy) :lol: She expects treats after her walk and if she doesn't get them she growls and grumbles until she does. I carry a dog bed onto the deck with me so she doesn't have to lay on the hard wood. No, she's not spoiled she is just well cared for.

Liz H
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Liz H »

My dogs told me that because they are Britts they are allowed total access to the bed, the chairs and the couch, and should get massages on demand. I guess I'm a stupid dog owner, because I believed them. What I love to see is Tyler, who flounces off to bed when he thinks its time. "Bed" is our bed - where, because it has been really hot and humid lately, I have the ceiling fan on high. There he is, in the dark, sound asleep directly under the fan, on his back with his legs flung out. Gotta love them. (Because they told me to).
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Lisa »

My dogs are not at all spoiled - they're just well loved!!

Really, it depends on the dog. I don't think Buster is spoiled at all (Barb may disagree with me, though). He does get cuddles, and gets to be picked up and held, but that's 'cuz I enjoy it. Britty and Madi are more spoiled, but they've earned the right to be. Madi's old...I figure I don't have too many more years left with her, so she deserves some spoiling. She gets to sleep where ever she wants, and do pretty much what ever she wants. Britty has just always been a well behaved dog, so she gets to do what she wants as well. Yeah, she can be a brat and will bark if other dogs are in "her spot" but if they get up and move, well, that's their issue.
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by Jessica »

Yes, but it's because we're at work all day so they get spoiled when we get home :D Also because they're cute. Lily's not bad, just kinda goes with the flow but she will jump on your head if you're laying down and try to lay there if you let her. Eli is very bossy, he demands things by barking at us. He has a favorite spot on the couch that he requires be free of obstructions (including humans) for his sleeping pleasure. And sometimes he's my live alarm clock, he'll bark at me until I get out of bed so he can lay on my pillow :roll: he'll even do it in the middle of the night, like if he's sleeping at the foot of the bed with Lily and she kicks him or something he'll jump out of bed and bark at me until I get up, then he'll get on my pillow and then ( & only then) am I allowed to get back in bed :twisted: So yes, they're a little bit spoiled!
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Re: Do you spoil your Britts?

Post by JSANTA26 »

I guess you would say my Tessie is spoiled :D She is my first dog ever and she is such a sweetheart of a brit. She gets full access to the couch and my bed, and when my BF stays over, she is inbetween us all the time. If she wants to be pet she will nuzzle her nose under my arm and lift my arm up with her head.
When it gets to be time for her daily walk her bum wiggles like crazy and she starts doing a growly talk to me to let me know she wants to go out. No matter where I'm sitting she is always next to me, with some part of my body toucing some part of hers... and she gets tons of belly rubs and ear scratches. I wouldn't have it any other way, she deserves the good life for making mine great!

:D :D :D



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