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Dave Powers exemplified the true meaning of the word “Rescue”. When the life or safety of a dog was at risk, his efforts were at times heroic. His heart was huge and he always found time to share his experiences with rescue dogs, and offer suggestions or advice to others. Pure Dave is a collection of Dave's most memorable quotes over the years.
  • I remember watching “Westminster” dog show several years ago and in one interview the handler said these dogs act like any other dog when not in the show rings. Brittany’s in particular are dual champions most of the time, field and show. When it comes right down to it they are our beloved companions, sleep with us, share our lives and love us unconditionally yet they are still dogs and act like it sometimes blatantly. I bet “Jester” the winning-ist Brittany ever roll’s in yucky smelling things, eats gross stuff, and sniffs other dogs’ butts.
  • It’s always fun to weigh them. Pick them up and have someone look at the scale, then blame the dog for being heavy! Darn scale! We can’t weigh that much, must be broke.
  • You can never have enough guns and screwdrivers ;-) I better be careful the feds might come and check out my collection. They are an investment ;-) I took up bow hunting 8 years ago and own 6 bows, every try to shoot more than one bow at a time.
  • June of last year was a bad month for me. I lost my two boy Brittanys. Cody passed on June 4th due to complications of Congestive Heart Failure. He was a rescue that I got from Casper Wy. I only had him 4 months and he was very sick when I got him. I thought I had him on the road to recovery, but his old heart just gave up. He passed while I petted him and told him what a good boy he was. I don’t know how old he was, but figure about 12. My boy Pax was a rescue also that I just kept, he stole my heart. He was 24 inches tall and 65 lbs. of solid muscle. This dog was one a person wishes they had their whole life. I never got him till he was 9 yrs. Old. He was #one alpha male and would challenge any other male that would posture at him. He never fought but wouldn’t back down. I think they wrote that song “Won’t Back Down” about him. Pax passed over the Rainbow Bridge on June 26th from kidney failure. I only had him 18 months, but it felt like forever. I always would own only girl Brittany, but now I don’t have a preference. I hope they have birds in Heaven to hunt while they wait for me.
  • My old girl I’ve had since was a pup, 14 yrs, sleeps right between our feet on our bed. When I’m not home she sleeps right in my spot and steals my pillow. I actually don’t sleep well without her there.
  • I have a hard time not keeping all the dogs I rescue, go figure.
  • I’ve found from fostering and owning several rescue Britts they all come around at different rates. Something just clicked and he realized he’s home and isn’t afraid anymore. Now look out he is going to act normal.
  • I’ve found from doing rescue, it’s important to have these Brittany’s fully crate trained. The main thing is don’t put them there for punishment. The crate should be their safe place. In order to get them used to being in it, crate them when they are lounging and trying to sleep with you there. Sometimes you just need to crate him when company comes that doesn’t want him to be the center of attention etc. I’ve found that I put my fosters in their crate when I’m on my computer and they are right behind me. Put on some relaxing music till they settle down for a nap then after a while open the door. You’ll find after a while they will go in with the door open and snooze. You know it’s OK to get a little frazzled with young Brittany’s, they can try the patience of saints at time.
  • You know it’s OK to be sad. My old girl Amber passed two years ago Oct. 28. It’s ironic we remember these things, then forget wedding anniversaries.
  • Hi, I am so sorry. These dogs have their own personalities and we miss them all when they’ve gone. I lost two of my boys “Cody” and “Pax” this summer 3 weeks apart. Talk about a one two punch. I was on the road two hours after I have to have Pax put to sleep to go rescue Rusty. Anyway, sorry for your loss and when it’s our turn we should have a bunch of waggy tailed Brittanys waiting for us over the rainbow bridge.
  • My favorite is when I’m laying down and one of my Britts hops up next to me and lays their head across my chest, gives a big sigh and sleeps that way. I think they’ve all done it.
  • Cabelas has these headlamps that are a nice headband. They use small batteries, are led, and bright. I use them for Bow hunting, getting in a tree stand and going out in the dark. I’ve got floodlights in my yard so I don’t step in too many piles.
  • It is a roller coaster of emotions. I woke up, checked my email and had 5 pictures of Hammer and his new owners. Of course Hammer was sitting with his new dad in his easy chair. Wonder who taught him that, oops.... They are loving it and him, that’s what counts.
  • A wildchild pup, but he lays under my feet at my computer when he gets tuckered out, which isn’t often. Yesterday he went ballistic barking at himself in a mirror, I laughed so hard I couldn’t talk.
  • A young Brittany and a young man, what a good combo. They should be fun together. One good thing when the kids grow up and go their own way the Brittany will still be there to keep you company.
  • I’ve always thought of myself as being a patient person. Well I had an old Brittany teach me a lesson. His name was “Pax” which means Peace in Latin. He truly deserved that name. Pax was a foster that won my heart immediately and I just kept him. He was a big boy as far as Brittany’s go weighing 65 lbs. and stood way over breed height. He had the male ego to go with his size and I thought I was in for quite a ride as far as training him not to want to fight every other male dog I crossed paths with out walking. Well he proved my fears totally wrong as I brought numerous foster Britts in and he had the most total control of his aggressive tendencies I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if it was the respect he showed me as being the alpha or what exactly, but as we discuss the cognitive functions of dogs and say that they don’t have the attributes of higher brain functions I truly believe they have a virtue of patience. He would set there and let the youngster Brittany’s terrorize him and he would just sit and take it with his nose pointed up and look away till they got bored and left him alone. I had to convince him it was OK to growl at them when they got carried away. Anyway, as I set at my relatives’ houses and their little kids are making me crazy all I have to do is remember Pax and what he taught me about patience. For all the talk of how much smarter we are than our fur friends, they have a lot to teach us….
  • It’s funny when you own Brittany’s. People come up to your car to look at them and ask about where you got ‘em. I’ve had people waiting by my car at the store just to talk about your Brittany’s and theirs. When I was working in animal control I stopped at a city park to look at some people’s Britts in their truck and they came up all defensive asking what was wrong, of course I was in uniform and parked right behind them. Anyway they were relieved that I just wanted pictures of their dogs with me. Whenever a Brittany is found loose people call me ‘cause I know almost every Brittany owner in town. That’s how I got Hammer.
  • Oh mom! What do you mean we have to eat the yucky crusts, the dogs really love it. Don’t you remember your mom telling you that you can’t leave the table till your plate is empty. Then all of a sudden the dog is looking a little heavy :-)
  • Of course Brittany’s believe in Santa. How do you think he gets around Christmas town at the North Pole? He has a little sled pulled by a team of Brittany’s. Just be glad the boys didn’t hoist their leg on the tree. My first male did.
  • Mooch Buds. That’s my barometer for how my Brittany’s are health and well being wise. If they aren’t mooching something is wrong.
  • I remember one day while Rusty was chasing cats he stopped in a perfect point. I thought there was a bird in the bushes and told him good boy. I went over to check it out and it was another cat. Oh well, it still was a beautiful point.
  • He has a good personality that’s coming out more every hour he’s here. Today he chased his squeak across my house for over an hour. I quite throwing it and he dropped it on my lap and barked at me for ignoring him.
  • My foster Shamus is going to his new home Sunday with Hammer my foster from November. I got some neat pictures of Hammer packing his training dummy. I love these happy endings, or beginnings.
  • I’m a little skeptical, but I thought I’d ask. Does anyone have experience using a communicator and do they work? The reason I ask is that it still bothers me on the hand off of a foster dog to new owners. The look of panic as you drive away, well you’d have to see it. It’s like “don’t leave me”! Some dogs are a lot harder than others, the ones you really wouldn’t mind to get back. Other dogs you breathe a sigh of relief they found a good home at last. I’ve done this going on five years now and 20+ dogs have passed through my home. Sometimes I wish I could explain to them I’m not abandoning them like they’ve had happen before. I know it works out, but it doesn’t make it easier.
  • Shamus went right off with his new dad for a walk and he stopped several times to give him a bit pet and Shamus leaned up against him and returned the love. This is what rescue is all about. I was sad to watch him drive off, but maybe I get to bird hunt over them next fall
  • It’s 48 degree right now at 7:45 PM mountain time. Go figure. Last week at this time it was -15 with 6 inches of snow. This is messing up our skiing and snowmobiling. Oh well Brittany’s like riding on my ATV’s.
  • Thank you from one rescue to another. We get emotionally attached to even the dogs we transport. I get emails and updates from several non-Brittany owners, three Irish Setters and an American Eskie dog. I help other rescues all the time, as it comes back to me when I need to move Brittany’s.
  • Whenever I’m frustrated, I open my pictures of happy new owners and success stories. I keep all of them. When I’m feeling depressed I email all my adopters and ask them how it’s going. I get a flood of pictures and happy people and dogs. Give the boys a big pet from me. Also I’m getting a new big boy from Wyoming names Tye. This man got married and the wife doesn’t like dogs. My answer to the rescuer was “of course I’ll take Tye”. The guy should have found a new woman and kept the Brittany though. Oops, did I say that ;-)
  • My old girl slept next to my feet for almost 15 years, so I can’t say anything about rules, I do however have a fit if they hop up on the kitchen table. I actually had two fosters do that. They wanted to watch me leave for work.
  • I really like the big boys. I’m not sensitive to standards. This boy I’m getting is a standard size 40 lbs. boy and I’ll think he’s a runt. My Brittany friends think I’m crazy and should just switch to German Shorthairs ‘cause that’s the size I like my Brittany boys.
  • Levi is here! He is a pup running around and packing my couch pillows and everything else. He recently had a name change so he isn’t responding too a good to his name. He thinks his name is “NO DAMMIT” and “OFF”. He weighs 31 lbs. and is a pretty nice looking boy. Well I’ll post more later....he just went by with my TV remote in his mouth.
  • Levi, my new 9month old wild child Brittany is sure entertaining. We were sitting and wrestling over a rope toy when all of a sudden he takes off like a madman racing around my living room using the couch and loveseat for bumper cushions. I was trying to catch him on the way by and that just speeded him up. It’s hilarious watching them race by with their butt 6 inches off the floor. When I finally got a hold of him his heart rate must have been over 200. You wonder what’s racing through that bird brain.
  • I came home for lunch and Levi saw himself in the mirror and went ballistic. After I quit laughing I walked over and stood in front of the mirror and made a little woof, well that set him off again. I guess you have to be there. With this youngster I get to see the things again that I really miss having had senior dogs.
  • I believe the majority of healing is from positive feelings and support of loved ones.
  • I had a cat named after me when I worked at the shelter. I guess he was a good cat, he chased dogs.
  • ......I like hearing other people’s experience. I figured someone thinking about fostering reads these and thinks “We can do that”. I’ve had mild to wild and don’t regret any of it. It’s great when an adoptive family sends updates and brag about their Brittany.
  • Skip forward a week with a new foster. This guy is starting to settle in. Levi and Hutch both jumped up on my bed this morning and curled up with me and took a snooze. I was shocked as usually they are tumbling and growling. I thought wow just like the old days with my girl Brittany’s. Also I told them kennel while getting ready for work, and they both walked right in their crates without arguing, also a first. I’m doing a house check before I leave. I just know they chewed up my favorite blanket or something.
  • I have a good theory about this after mis-identifying a Springer Brittany cross as being all Brittany. When it comes right sown to it, we are thoughtful people doing a difficult job it really doesn’t matter if we make a boo boo on an identification and the dog is loved and saved. Brittany Rescue volunteer are dog lovers to their core and I personally “Thank” every one of them!
  • Well it’s been a month since Levi came flying into my life. He has tried my patience and then some. He has gone from a devil dog packing stuff around and chewing up the TV remote among other things. He has made baby steps on his way to becoming a good boy. He’s not there completely, but this weekend he was able to hang out with me and I even had the bedroom door open all day and he didn’t pack one thing out. I was lazy and laid on the couch watching-sleeping while the Nascar race was on and he laid behind me and snoozed. This is a first YAY Levi! He didn’t have to be crated all day and my house is intact.
  • I had a first today. Levi actually came over and hopped up next to me laying on the couch and let me pet him for about 15 minutes and fell asleep. He usually jumps up and tries chewing on me or untying my boots or something ;-) It will be nice when he calms down enough to jump up next to me on my easy chair and take a snooze while I watch TV. The last pup I had, Hammer, was wild like Levi, but would calm down. Levi is just more DC current I guess. I wish I could hook up a generator to him, my utility bills would drop a bunch.
  • Security blanket: AKA a Brittany. My old girl I lost a couple months ago slept right next to my feet for fifteen years. She was my Brittany security blanket. I miss the big old bed hog and don’t sleep as well since she isn’t here. The big old sigh, then she was settled in for the night and all was good. I’ve been trying to break in Levi and he is starting to get it, just like everything else. I have to make him sleep in his crate still as I would wake up and find shredded dirty underwear or something. These big nosed Bird dogs are sure good security blankets.
  • Thanks for transporting. I have adopted many Brittany’s to families with children and it works just fine. The one thing I will say however, get an older dog and not a pup. Three to five years would work. I also like the N males, if they don’t mind them hoisting their leg. My reasoning for this is there are just more males in rescue. One of my glowing achievements in a rescue dog is Rusty. He was just an hour from being put down when we rescued him. He was an athletic 3 yr. old N male. That dog had me wondering how he’d be with children, well he makes me proud.
  • With my Brittany’s I live near the Yellowstone River and enjoy walking my Brittany’s there. We went down just a half hour before sunset and of course the birds were active. There was the usual group of about a 100 geese flying in and settling in eating in a farmers fields. A huge bald eagle came cruising overhead about 15 feet high fishing. I heard a lot of honking of other geese and looked way up and there was a huge flock of snow geese flying headed south. It was quite a sight. We were just about back to our van and Levi locked into the best point I’ve seen a while. I told him OK and he rushed forward and I expected to see a grouse explode to flight, nope it was a Killdeer. That’s my boy.
  • It’s kind of funny, you don’t pay attention when you walk down there every day. I was walking along and noticed an eagle coming down the corridor over the river between the trees and it made me pause to just really look and listen to the river, the geese honking and the Beartooth Wilderness Mountain peaks in the background. Of course they were socked in mostly and it was snowing up there. It’s not Alaska where you can look off toward infinity and just see mountains on the horizon and nothing cluttering the landscape. If I went to Alaska I might just disappear into the landscape.
  • A Bright Spot on a Gloomy Day.....I’ve been blue lately because of the loss of our fur friends. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), battling a cold and working sick. It’s been a week. Anyway, I grabbed my mail on the way out the door going to work at lunch time and there was a card from Washington State. I immediately brightened up. It had a puppy picture on the outside and in it is a picture of Jake and his brother laying on the dog bed curled up together. I think of Jake all the time, he is my favorite foster. I have a picture of him at work and not my grandkids. It was an update and Hello from some of my favorite friends and dogs. I usually fire off emails asking my extended family how my dogs are doing when I’m feeling down. This one beat me to it.
  • (About a dog passing).....It will get easier as time passes. I read these posts and it gets me teary eyed. My friends on here helped me through some tough days. Cindy and I lost our girls the same day and I was just lost and not going to get any more dogs to own. Then came Levi. He didn’t replace Angie, but he has helped heal a big hole I had in my heart.
  • Muddy Paws in my house....naw. I wish. I have linoleum in my kitchen off my little back porch and baby gate that room. If they are bad we have a bucket that we put warm water in and try to wash their feet. You’d think we were trying to kill them. I’m getting another foster tomorrow night. It ought to be mud central here. The vacuum doesn’t get put away.
  • A Busy Week......I worked the usual 40, drove just shy of 700 miles. I had a total of 8 dogs in three trips, and I don’t know where the time went......Last year I drove 700 miles transporting 3 Irish Setters from Casper Wyoming here to my hometown. Anyway I’m glad the weekend is over so I can go to work and rest.
  • I remember once when I was at the shelter and this big cowboy came in to relinquish his Rottweiler because he lost his job, wife and a permanent place to live. The dog was his best friend and I promised I would find him a good home or take him myself. He looked me in the eye, shook my hand and walked out without saying a word. He couldn’t talk because he wanted to cry. He made it to his truck and broke down. I asked the gals there to leave him alone, it’s a guy thing. As I watched him drive away, I thought that was one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a long time. It is one of the reasons I rescue. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
  • When my dogs got old, I wished they were still having Zoomies, racing by with the remote in their mouth. Now that Levi is beginning to settle down, I think I need another youngster....NOT.
  • I got a Brittany in 1990 because my brother-in-law had one, a male named Buck. He was just a laid back boy and loved people and life. My first was “Angie”. She was a terror as a pup, kind of like Daisy Dew. She ended up being the best companion animal I’ve ever had. She slept between our feet for 15 years. My second was Amber. I got her when Angie was two because I thought she needed company. Amber was a trained hunting dog and never was allowed in the house, she was 7 when I got her and I thought she was old. She lived to be 17.5. Amber was a Daddy’s girl and hunted for me till she was 15 and I retired her and took up Bow hunting. She was my first rescue and the rest is history.
  • I’ve fostered and placed 40 Brittany’s since 1998. I’ve failed fostering 4 times and kept those dogs. Two have passed to the Rainbow Bridge, Cody and Pax, and the other two I’ve had two years now, Molly and Levi.
  • I went to a field trial once to spectate and took my fully trained rescue dog Amber. I didn’t have a clue what to do so I just watched with her sitting by my side. She fell asleep with her head on my leg. A fellow walked up at the end and asked if I was going to work my dog. I said I didn’t have a clue. He asked if she would come back if recalled and I said sure. He said turn her loose and see what she does. I did and she ran 15 seconds and locked into a beautiful point. I said there is nothing there, everyone just ran by there. He said let’s go see. She held steady and I walked into the brush pile and several birds exploded. He said, “I figured as much”. The best Shorthairs in Mt ran right by and a Brittany showed them all up. It sure made me proud. That dog was one heck of a bird dog.
  • Actually, it gave me more pleasure and satisfaction having a few of those old dogs come into my life. For the pain of losing them isn’t as great as the pleasure they give you.
  • Levi.....He just came in from out in the yard and I stopped petting my foster Hattie and gave him a pet. He jumped up and put his paws around my neck looking straight in the eye and started his play growl with his tail going Mach 10. That will teach me to say he is settling down. You know, I might just keep him though.
  • I sleep on my couch because the dogs crowd me out.
  • When I worked as ACO, several times I broke windows out and had to take dogs to emergency vet. I usually carried several gallons of water to pour over the dog as soon as it’s out. One time I was standing with my tire iron and a towel over the window of a $50,000 Cadillac and this guy comes running up swearing and threatening me. Needless to say the two police officers I had standing there both grabbed him by each arm and escorted out of harms way to the rear seat of their squad car. I then yelled unlock the car or your window is history. His poor Golden Retriever was almost unconscious. I picked her up and laid her on a blanket and poured cool water over her. I had people running into close by Taverns getting ice. By the time we had quite a crowd and the police had to take him away for his own protection. The dog did survive in this case. I took the inside temp of that car, it was 137 degrees.
  • All I can do is swear a little in Japanese, give a bunch of Tae Kwon Do commands in Korean, and count to ten in French.
  • I had my Brittany’s that have passed over to the Rainbow Bridge cremated, and have their ashes in little containers on my book case. I don’t know what to do with them and I haven’t come to terms completely, I guess. I thought I should keep them and put in my will to have them spread with my remains in the Mountains where I grew up hunting, hiking, and camping all my life. My grandmother had her little dogs ashes put in her casket and put to rest with her.
  • The pitfalls of foster. I adopted Pax after listing him on the website for a week. Sometimes you bond with a dog and you just know.
  • I'm not afraid to speak my mind . These dogs I believe touch our spirits and it's almost like finding your soul-mate. Some dogs are just your fur friend soul-mate.
  • Pass on our condolences. It is always hard to lose a fur baby.
  • Words can't justify the emotion of losing a fur friend.. It hurts just like losing a member of your family, as they are just that. My condolences for your loss.
  • Molly snores and I’ve had a couple others snore also. These Brittany’s are a constant form of entertainment. They dream, snore and keep us company. What could be better?
  • Give him a big pet from all of us.
  • A tired Brittany is a good Brittany.
  • Never criticize some unless you "Walk a mile in their shoes". Then you are a mile away and have their shoes.
  • Fostering is easy. You just provide what you do for your Britts. It is very rewarding.
  • My best training tools are a squirt bottle, treats, crate and as much patience as I can muster.
  • I went to Petsmart yesterday after a dog transport and got Fizz, my senior foster, a new dog bed. I came home and threw it on the floor in my living room and he sniffed it awhile, then curled up inside of it and gave a big contented *sigh*. The smallest thing I did for him and he's Happy. He knew that bed was his and the other dogs just sniffed it. I wish people were as easy to please.
  • God Bless America, and all the Men and Women in our Armed forces keeping us safe.
  • Thanks for fostering.
  • Sometimes the simplest things in life make a person, or their dogs Happy.
  • We're all crying along with you. Thanks for being there for her.
  • ....didn't want their old girl to dig in their new yard… I'd like to take a Backhoe and show them what digging in their new yard amounted to.
  • God Bless America, and all the Men and Women in our Armed forces keeping us safe.
  • ........two Brittany’s that get along are great. They keep each other company, play, etc. I let my Brittany’s sleep with me their whole lives, well Angie did, and I will let Levi when he starts maturing and doesn’t hop down in the middle of the night and chew up our dirty clothes from the hamper or something.
  • When I first read your post “Saying Goodbye” you made my heart skip a couple of beats. I thought, “Oh No, someone else had a fur friend cross the Rainbow Bridge”. I’m really glad that wasn’t the case.
  • Angie once dragged our turkey off the counter. We wiped it off and ate it though, there wasn’t any cafes open. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  • I went bow hunting and had to share some of my experiences. I set up a tree stand and it seems like tedious hours of waiting to those that haven’t done it. You see all kinds of stuff, it is great. I saw coyotes hunting for mice, whitetail doe with fawns trailing behind and playing. I also saw elk, eagles, hawks, Sharptail grouse and even had a Chickadee land on my bow while I was holding it. People who envision you sitting in a tree stand think “how boring”. It is entertaining, calm and very peaceful. There is no phone ringing, crabby customers, or deadlines to meet. You have only one thing to occupy your mind and that is to sit there, enjoy the peace, solitude of nature and its’ creatures.
  • After we get settled in my house and the lights are off you hear a big sigh then someone getting up. You guessed it, me heading for the couch with my blanket and pillow. I look back over my shoulder and there is Levi spread eagle sideways and Molly on my pillow.
  • My Brittany’s aren’t spoiled, too much. If Levi is sprawled out taking up my spot I’ll just grab my pillows and sleep on the couch. I always say because I want to watch TV though.
  • I’ve never had a Brittany growl at me for hugging them and I do it to them all. It’s one of my temperament tests.
  • Even a big guy like me gets teary eyed walking away and driving off (sic – leaving a foster). You know it’s right, but....I’ve fostered a bunch and only a few do I miss a lot and kinda hoped they’d come back. I get pictures, Christmas cards and even presents from adoptive families, it’s great. You’ve taken shy, fearful and sometimes even aggressive dogs and made them a calm loving pet for life.
  • I have a ritual with every foster leaving. I sit next to them, give them a big bear hug and tell them in a quiet voice only they can hear, if it doesn’t work they can come live with me. It’s like having a huge family of fur friends someone else is watching. It took a year for Sheamus to come see me when I visit and really be happy to see me…he was conflicted….I couldn’t buy those dogs back for any amount, they are truly happy and loved.
  • I have the philosophy that rescue dogs that passed under our care were home and we were their humans. I’ve lost 2 and there is hardly a day go by I don’t think of them, usually with a smile as time fades the pain. Till we meet again, Cody and Pax. It wasn’t till recently that I’ve been able to post their pictures.
  • When to let them cross the Bridge.....the hard part of having dogs. I can’t say anything to make the pain go away and I wish I could. They know when it’s time and just stop eating or enjoying anything in life. The thing that always comes to mind is what my vet once said. “Don’t keep them around for you. If their quality of life isn’t good, let go.” It feels wrong and is an emotional tug of war.
  • This December picture on the ABR calendar looks like my Angie. I know they’ll be waiting for me.
  • I got an email last night about a Brittany in a shelter in danger of getting put down. I got right on it this morning and they put him down before they opened. I didn’t get a chance to save him. He was only three.
  • I’m trying to teach him to be gentle. He doesn’t nip too badly, but will grab your sleeve and drag you if he can, growling while he does it. I know it’s just play. I can also make him stop quickly by saying “OWWIE”.
  • He is a big boy also 50+ lbs. and about 5 lbs. underweight. He had zoomies last night out in my yard and I had to stand behind a tree so I didn’t get bowled over.
  • I like everyone’s opinion. Sometimes an outside answer is the one.
  • Dogs don’t carry ill will.
  • REO Speedwagon has a song that fits. “Live Every Moment”. These Brittany’s do and we should follow.
  • I love watching dogs interact, especially well socialized ones. They speak volumes with body language. Since working with a behaviorist I’ve learned how to interpret much I didn’t see before.
  • My top dog Amber got this type of respect from many fosters. She was as close to an actual Alpha dog as any I’ve seen. It’s like watching a lead sled dog......I boarded my Brittany’s at a kennel that has sled dogs. They had their lead dog, a female, in the house because she was retired.....anyway, two of their young male Huskies were also there and one of them was being bouncy, etc. She snarled a bit and both dogs dropped to their bellies and crawled up to her in submission. That is what I call respect. Both those boys could have eaten her for breakfast!
  • You mean driving 7 hours is not normal in one day?? I drove about 450 miles yesterday for Holly’s adoption. It sure was beautiful out....
  • I hug my Brittany’s all the time and they actually tolerate it and even like it. I’ve been told that dogs don’t like to be hugged. I figure if they tolerate it that I can do just about anything with them I want. This really comes in handy when we have to go to the vet and I end up holding them. I had my old girl at the vet once and he was checking her range of motion on her rear legs. I knew she was seriously thinking about biting him. I hugged her and actually put my hand in her mouth as she was trying to take a bite out of him. She went limp and tried very had to spit my hand out. I sure do miss that old girl, Amber. She’s been gone a long time now. I can smile now thinking about her.
  • That is one good old Brittany.
  • Best way to give a cat a bath is get elbow length gloves. Then try not swearing too loud with kids around.
  • Sorry for your loss. It is never easy losing a Brittany. They become part of you.
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
-Will Rogers