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Dogs According to Dave
Dogs According to Dave
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Dogs According to Dave - General

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Dogs According to Dave


"Dogs According to Dave" is a compilation of suggestions, insights, and experiences from our dear friend, Dave Powers. Though he left us far too soon, behind remains this written legacy and a testament to the character, knowledge, and compassion Dave shared with ABR, our volunteers, desperate dog owners in need of advice, and especially our dogs. As a way of keeping Dave's spirit alive and as a means of working through our own grief after his untimely passing, we came up with this search function to keep all his contributions a mere mouse-click away, making it accessible to those of us who knew him and for those who never had the chance.

Who was Dave? He was ABR's state coordinator for Montana, an avid bow hunter, a lover of Nature, and loving husband to his equally remarkable wife, Diane. To say Dave was a friend shows the insufficiency of words. Though most of us never had the opportunity to meet him face-to-face, his loss devastated us all the same. His love could be seen in the countless lives of dogs labeled "lost causes" that Dave took in willingly, nurtured and healed, then found forever homes for. His generosity could be measured in the miles in his odometer, having traveled up and down the country to save a dog in need. His experience could be summed up by the answer he gave to anyone who asked his training philosophy. He would answer, "I do whatever works."

Those of us who've read his posts quickly recognized Dave's wisdom, gentle humor, passion, and compassion. We also knew of his love for Nature and the healing he received from it. He passed away September 12, 2009, having had a heart attack while out hunting where he called "Paradise." We know he was warmly greeted at the "Rainbow Bridge."

When we take our Brittany’s afield, we attach bells to their collars, so we can hear where they are when they are out of our sight in the thickets and high grasses. It's a metaphor for Dave to us now: the ringing of their bells. Dave can't be seen now, but we know he is still here, because the ringing that was Dave's heart, that very same ringing in our own hearts, lives on We hope this search function helps keep Dave's wisdom close at hand. May his posts now be the bells that will give us direction to his spirit. Enjoy, and remember: "Do it for the dogs!"

As you click on the links you will find discussions where Dave contributed from his fund of knowledge of dogs….especially those dogs that come into rescue.

Dogs According to Dave is broken up over four forums-
DAD - General (this thread)
DAD - Behavior
DAD - Health
DAD - Hunting

Additionally, there is a collection of Dave's most memorable quotes-
Pure Dave

Dave's Adventures
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
-Will Rogers