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Feeding raw

Post by Annabelle »

A friend with English Setters switched her dogs over a couple of months ago. She said she was surprised to discover that her dogs no longer eat their own poop - a huge benefit!

Has anyone else found this behaviour change after switching their dogs to raw? I think I would look more into feeding raw if I could have dogs that don't eat poop and cleaner teeth.

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Re: Feeding raw

Post by Lisa »

Cleaner teeth is definitely a huge benefit of raw feeding. Don't know about the poop eating, as I've never totally switched my guys to raw. My dogs get raw beef bones to help keep their teeth clean, but still eat kibble.
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Barb Wright
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Re: Feeding raw

Post by Barb Wright »

Have been feeding raw for many, many years....and my mother before me did as well. I really can't say that there is a correlation between eating raw and not eating poop. I've had many dogs that would eat other animal poop given the opportunity, especially wild animal poop. I think the instinct of opportunity enters in to this prediliction to some extent....most poop from just about any animal has undigested material that a different animal may detect and go for. Herbivores, especially those with two stomachs, do a tremendous amount of "fermenting" in their digestion process. Fermented vegetation has lots of benefits (enzymes, antioxidants, good bacteria) and no doubt some of this makes it's way to excretion. In theory, this may be why dogs go after wild animal poop, getting nutrients from what ever sources they can. As far as dogs going after other dog poop, or their own poop, I think it just reverts back to detecting undigested material and scooping it up. Just guessing here, it's an old old question and there are many theories :wink:

A raw diet is appropriate for a carnivore. Their whole body dynamic is set up to achieve the most benefit (health) from a prey model diet. And these days it's pretty easy to give dogs just that what with the prepared raw diets that are now commercially available. "Nature's Variety Instinct" is a good example. And if you want to work from scratch there are several good books available with recipes and suggestions that take all the mystery and math out of the process. One of the best recent books I can highly recommend is "Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs" by Lew Olson. She has a PhD in natural health, specializing in canine digestion and nutrition.
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