So, other than pups, what are y'all into??

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So, other than pups, what are y'all into??

Post by Mark »

Everyone has other hobbies, what are yours?

I'll start.

First off, I love photography.. I am a regular shutterbug, and have one or more cameras on me about 70% of the time I am out. The other 30% of the time, I am doing my other hobby- bicycling. Nothing like getting out and knocking off 50 miles of road to get your blood moving!! :)

My other big hobby is astronomy. I have a fairly large telescope, and love to go out and explore the cosmos. So.. Lets here em!! :)

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Post by juliette »

Mark, I suspected you were into photography, since your pictures of Monty are so professional-looking!

As for me, I'm a film buff and see as many as 15 movies a week. I used to do free-lance reviews for my local newspaper and got in the habit of watching movies instead of television.

I also run the websites of a couple of local charity groups. Nothing fancy, just a nice, cheap, meat and potatoes kind of thing. But it keeps me busy and I'm always learning new stuff!

My final non-dog joy is gardening. I had started to get away from it after I got my first Brittany, since she was a digger and I had to put her in the house while I worked outside, but since we adopted Toby earlier this year, I have started enjoying working in the yard again, since he's one of those shadow-dogs who love nothing more than to lie at your feet, or at your side, no matter what is going on. She seems to have taken a page from his book, and now they both seem more inclined to just hang out with me when I'm outside, so I feel better about indulging my passion for the plants!

Mary Ann
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Post by Mary Ann »

Hmm, a non dog realted hobby. Is there such a thing with a brittany! :wink:
My hobbies are first and foremost singing, hiking(more like walking) in the woods(with Hunter of course) and gardening. I think Hunter enjoys two out of the three hobbies. When i am at choir practice he is in his kennel so I am sure that hobby is not top of his list.
Mary Ann

Bernie's mom
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my interests...

Post by Bernie's mom »

My first and foremost interest is my collection of My Little Ponies! Do you have them? I want them!!! The link below takes you to my "me" page at ebay. My collection is currently over 800. There are 3 generations of them now, and well, I could ramble forever!
Other than that I love hunting, my husband and I got our turkeys together last wednesday, so that's my second tom so far. I also love shooting bow and bow hunting, and fishing... to brag a bit; I have a 27" walleye and a 45" musky on the wall! No big monster bucks on the wall yet, but I'll work on that this fall. ;)

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Post by Kristy »

My favorite non-dog hobby is buying and selling on Ebay. (Mainly buying) I'm infatuated with diamonds, which is an awful "hobby" given the cost. Ebay is a great place to find some excellent deals if you know what to look for.

I love boating and fishing, which we do at my parents' lake cabin. Unfortunately, at the lake, the bass are plentiful and walleye seem to be elusive. Since we don't eat the bass, the fishing tends to be more for fun, than food. Although, my husband is a great cook, and makes the best walleye dinner around. This weekend is the MN opener, so I'm crossing my fingers he'll come home with fish.

I am anxious to move to "the country," so I spent alot of time viewing homes online with 10+ acres. We're actually in a small country town now of about 1200, but in a new housing development which I can't stand. I very much dislike having neighbors close by. I need seclusion!
Riley & Colby

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Post by Victoria »

Well, computers, coding, computers, coding, computers, coding.

I did life a bit backwards, married, had kids. No college. Kids grown, went to college after 40 to get an IT degree. I spend my time learning and really love it. I have taken classes in C, C++, Programming Access, HTML, ASP, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Programming and Logic, and now Unix for summer semester. For work I am an application programmer, designing office applications, and supporting staff in what they need in applications. Electronic newsletters, Excel, Access, Outlook, Crystal Reports, and Website Admin. Not a hobby I guess, but it goes right along with it.
"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled."

by R. P. Feynman

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Puppy Kindergarten Grad
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Post by Gunner »

Non Brittany, I'm an enormous horse lover and am blessed with a wonderful handsome guy knicknamed "Max". I've been riding since the summer I was potty trained and I can't imaging a life without horses for me. I say they are my first, and will be my last, love in my life. As I tease my friends, I say he's every womans dream man...he's tall, dark, handsome, doesn't cheat around, and if he gives me any garbage I can slap him around and he still loves me anyway! LOL I have a large collection of model horses and misc horse items to go along with my love. I will collect just about anything with a horse on it (or Brittany of course).

I'm also big on law and read a lot. I was a Criminal Justice major at one point in time with the intent of a career in law enforcement. But I stopped college after a few years as the bills were too high and I had to work full-time. Now I'm going back to school but getting a business degree as that's what my company will pay for. But I am still a huge fan of law, forensics, etc. I don't watch tv except for 3 shows...24, C.S.I. and Law & Order. Love 'em! Never miss an episode. Otherwise, I prefer to curl up with a good law/police mystery novel or a book of some nature with law/police/forensic research.

Otherwise, I'm an outdoors person. I LOVE to fish and go boating, hiking, etc. Music is another big part of my life and I adore my 1843 Harrington piano which I spent years to restore. I love just about every type of music but being a country kinda girl, that is my top pick.

Barb Wright
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Post by Barb Wright »

Well, let's see...non-dog interests, hmmmmm :!:

Probably the most consuming interest I have beyond dogdom is natural and alternative health care and nutrition. I have a certificate in Herbalism and do the occasional consult, but mostly it is just a life style that I encourage within my immediate family. This persuasion carries over into the care of my dogs....ooops :!: guess that puts it back in the dog hobby catagory :lol: :lol:

I am an avid book reader, tending toward adventure/crime/chase type novels, and SSSSHHHHH, dog books too :!: :!:

We've had a motorhome for over 14 years and that has been our main vacation travel sure we have been on every road west of the Rockies, and quite a few east to the Atlantic coast. However, we are thinking about putting the MH out to pasture and doing some other kinds of vacations....down side to that for me is not having my dog with me, but I guess I'll just take my Rescue Remedy along to allay separation anxiety :D :D

I love doing research on all things pertaining to dogs, health, and nutrition. Of course, the internet has made that all so easy these days...and also makes my husband happy because now I don't spend a fortune on books any more :wink: :wink:

Guess that about covers it for other hobby endeavors...reading back over the above it all still sounds sort of doggy :)

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Post by jwmkem »

I enjoy spending time with my three brits first and foremost! During the winter, I like to hunt grouse here in VA and ski when I am not working. When spring and summer gets here, I like to flyfish for brook trout and bass with my husband. The dogs get to tag along when we float the river.
My hobbies include getting out and exercising with my dogs and playing volleyball and softball. I like scrapbooking (creative memories) where I have somewhere to put the tons of pictures I take and write down my memories about my foster dogs and my own dogs.

Mike S.
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Post by Mike S. »

Patti and I (both 37) have been married for a bit over 9 years. We have no kids but have been down the exhausting fertility road for 6 of those 9 years to no avail. We stepped back in Dec 2002 and never went back.

Rosie is our first dog since we have been married (acquired from Louisiana ABR in Nov 03) and has definitely put a bit of "fun" in our lives. She has been alot of fun and made us laugh and smile.

I am a geologist and my biggest pastime is sports - watching it and playing it. I play basketball twice a week and softball once a week and also frequent the racetrack when its open. we spend alot of time with rosie when we can and also with family - we both have big families.

Patti is a paralegal and rosie has become her biggest pastime.

We love to vacation at the beach (florida) when we can and have been to gatlinburg twice (once for honeymoon) where we love to go hiking. We have not been on vacation since we got rosie.

Otherwise - we watch a decent amount of TV and love to keep up with our house and yard.

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Post by Karen_P »

I think I'm an interior designer stuck in a programmers body! It truly is my passion (other than my son and the dogs, of course). I'm one of HGTV's biggest fans. I've spent the last 4 years upgrading, redecorating and landscaping my little lake cottage, and of course, now that it's perfect, I'm selling it so I can start all over again. The new house is much larger than the present one, so it should keep me busy for a couple of years.

In addition, I'm purchasing a little Brittany girl for conformation and hunt tests (she's due the last week of June). I plan on handling her myself, so that will be my new hobby.

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Post by Myra »

Other than two dogs (Dusty the Brittany and Scampi the Beagle), I also have two cats and a guinea pig to keep me busy (okay, so technically the guinea pig is my oldest son's, but you know how that goes).

Other than the pets, my main interest is reading. I'll read just about anything. Dog books (of course), and just about any kind of fiction. My current favorite is Dean Koontz/Stephen King type thrillers. I also like any kind of mystery, legal/police type stories, etc.

I'm a moderator on another pet-related message board, so that takes up some time.

Oh yes, I also have two human boys and a DH to keep me busy. We enjoy puttering around the house working on the landscaping this time of the year. And I do a lot of volunteer work at the boys' school and preschool, especially this time of the year--lots of end-of-year activities going on.

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all about me!

Post by lara »

Hi!!! I have the two Britts, Saucy and Jem. But I also have a georgous long haired calico/torti kitty named Fey. She's a sweetheart. I am a teacher by day - 7th and 8th grade social studies. I'm into genealogy, but haven't done a whole lot with it lately. I also am an avid reader. Right now I'm into historical fiction (Harry Turtledove), but I also like the Dean R. Koontz type novel also.

I am actually dating someone right now ... for the first time in perhaps 10 years...and I feel pretty optomistic about this one. He's a veterinarian (cool!) with two cats and a dog!

I"m an army brat...lived all over the US. My family is spread out right now also. Brother is near Wash DC and parents near Nashville, TN (I'm in central Illinois). My nephews are going to come spend a week with me this summer...I am so completely excited!!!!! They are 4 and 7 and just as cute as can be.

edited to add - myre we teachers LOVE parents like you who help out!!! You are surely a blessing to your sons' schools!!!

Brenda Dom
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About me?

Post by Brenda Dom »

It's hard for me to separate Britts and other interests since I've had Britts my whole adult life... I've owned and loved Britts since my parents permitted me to buy one for a middle school 4H project eons ago. My father, who was an avid bird hunter, always had retreivers. Being familiar with hunting dogs, I decided I wanted a hunter, only smaller, lol. That's how my first Britt came into my life.

I am an in-house accountant for a large labor organization in Washington DC married to a computer programmer. In many ways my husband and I are complete opposites but we've been blissfully happy for 32+ years. We are blessed with two grown children, a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, four grandchildren and two Moms. We spend much of our time attending soccer, softball, T-ball, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, cheerleading, school and church activities with one grandchild or another. Although I would much prefer living in the country somewhere, I have to admit that there is always something to do here in the Baltimore-Washington-Annapolis area. Three years ago, when my father passed away, we sold our home in Annapolis and built a home with two in-law suites and moved both of our mothers in with us. Before the "big move" (as the kids call it) our mothers were about 200 miles apart and the weekends were consumed with going one way or the other. This arrangement has worked amazingly well for all of us.

We love to sail the Chesapeake, and our Britts are beautiful figureheads as we make our way up and down the Bay. Most nice weekends we can be found on our sailboat. We also enjoy hiking and bird-hunting, especially in the fall when the mountains of western Maryland and Virginia put on their autumn colors.

Like Karen_P, I love to "decorate," and I'm constantly "re-doing" this room or that. My "decorating" is pretty much used as a vehicle to display things I've collected over the years. I love to "antique" and we often pile into our motor home (Moms, dogs and all) and head out for the antique malls in MD and VA. I collect christening gowns, perfume bottles, blue depression glass, blue & white porcelain, linens and quilts. All of these interests were inheirited from my grandmothers, as were many of the quilts and linens. So far, neither my daughter or daughter-in-law have displayed any interest in these collections, but I have high hopes for my two granddaughters, aged 8 and 6. One of the first things they do when they arrive at our house is race upstairs to "their room" and go through the "hope chests" I've started for them, oohing and ahhing over any new additions. It brought tears to my eyes when recently 8 year-old Katie was purring over one of her great-great grandmother's quilts, "Such tiny stitches." My daughter-in-law just rolls her eyes and laughs. My kids and their spouses are much like their father - techno geeks. The bigger, better, faster, more memory something has, the better they like it. While I enjoy the convenience and pleasure some of these things offer, I crave simpler, slower times, when everyone came home for dinner and "mail" was delivered by the USPS, and by the way, people still wrote letters, notes and cards... I'd better be careful or I'll find myself in one of the antique shops I like to frequent!

I also enjoy reading. There's always a book on my bedside table and I also listen to books on tape while commuting to and from work. I'm the one in the "slow lane" with the calm expression on my face, lol.

I love to cook and try to get everyone together at least once a week for a meal together. Lately it's been on Sunday afternoons. Now that the weather has grown warmer we'll be cooking out which is my husband Bob's area of expertise. Surprisingly, he enjoys his warm-weather role of "grillmeister."

Hopefully when we retire, we will head to the hills of MD, PA or VA, although my husband is looking further south. "Somewhere with no snow!" I guess, like everything else, we'll decide when the time comes.

Brenda Dom
Kelcy, Susie, Bodie and Max
"Some of us learn forgiveness by studying the lives of saints. And some of us keep dogs. . . ." - Charles Gusewelle

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Post by CJ »

Having working dogs that also compete.... it's hard to have time for much else.... But.... I love to shoot (long range high power rifle target & shotgun clays) also wood work (rarely get the time anymore) and camping. My wife and I both like antiques... it's nice to find diamonds in the rough and fix and/or refinish them... We're also National Park freaks... we like to travel around the country to see the different sites (works well since we seem to move every 3 years!). I've seen most of them on the east coast, and then got her hooked after we got together and have seen a lot of the west coast & mountain region ones together... still need to get the the middle of the country.

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