Our Cat Is Sick

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That's good news! Hope she continues to do well, she's been thru alot. Kepp us updated!
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Re: Our Cat Is Sick

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My cats are dramatically affected by food, in psychology and in energy as well as in skin disorders, constant barfing, etc. I once took a cat to the vet and he told me that her liver etc. was sluggish and he could give her some medication. I said, would that cure her? No, he says, but it will deal with some of the symptoms... for awhile. Might cause others. I ask, so what causes sluggish liver? He says, all the organs get sluggish when the health is poor. I say, what makes the health poor? He says, generally the food and I advised to buy food like this https://catspurfection.com/chicken-free-cat-foods/. I said you know... you could have started the conversation on that point. :-)

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