Opening day FLOP

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How'd your opening day go?

Filled my bag, feathers everywhere!
Half the limmit, worth the trip
Got one, but the season holds promise
No votes
Didn't get any, but saw quite a few
Didn't see any, but heard them flushing ahead of me & the dogs
Saw nothing and didn't even hear a popcorn fart! It's gonna be a long season!
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DualCH Brits
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Brian took me hunting last Sunday evening. I have yet to take my hunter safety class in order to obtain a license but he had me on the collar control. Boy, did I learn alot!! is IMPOSSIBLE to keep your dogs manners all inorder and perfect and steady to the deadfall if you are hunting alone. No way you can keep an eye on your dog and the birds at the flush in order to get a good clear shot. Just no way! I was so distracted that I let King, our 2 1/2 year old tri boy get at least 25 feet away from me at the flush before I managed to get him stopped!! But anyway.....with each new find though he improved till he stood all the way steady to the deadfall on the fourth of fifth find. :P We were hunting Chukar. hunting learning curve is just beginning I think LOLOLOLOL
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opening day flop

Post by rons »

Our Quail season opened on Nov 1 in the central part of the state. I went out on Saturday the 5th for the first time. the temperature reached 77 for the day and it was warm early in the morning. Buddy and ginger hunt close but i let them range out a lot. we seen no signs of Quail or Rabbits. Ginger had 1 unproductive point with Buddy backing. The reports I have from other hunters aren't good either. Praying for a heavy frost to kill off the green grasses to improve scenting conditions. If hunting don't improve looks like trips to the Hunting Preserves.

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