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Dogs According to Dave
Dogs According to Dave
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Dogs According to Dave - Hunting

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Dogs According to Dave


Like the dogs he loved so much, Dave had a love for "The Hunt." To some of us on the ABR discussion board, Dave was not only a fellow ABR volunteer, but also a fellow hunter. It was never about the taking that attracted Dave to the outdoors, it was about being a part of the natural world, the belonging. It was in being part of the hunting pack, our gundogs leading the way. It was about the thrill of watching the fawns playing beneath his treestand that revitalized him from the stress of everyday life.

Here you will find and better understand Dave, the man. We all grieved terribly the day Dave left us far too early, but there was a bittersweet justice that it was on "The Hunt" that Dave crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. His favorite hunting stand was a place he called "Paradise." Dave found paradise there throughout his life, and there Paradise did find him.

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If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
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