Daisy is starting second set of ATC classes

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Daisy is starting second set of ATC classes

Post by rtropeano »

Well, we had a great first set of classes, but we did not graduate to the next level (no one in the class did) So we are taking this set of classes again.
We had a lot of challenging new things to learn like threadles - Daisy is running well and part of the problem which I know (but I think my instructor doesn't want to say) is that I'm not "athletic" enough to keep up to her....so with me so out of position - it's hard for Daisy to know what to do when she gets so far ahead - I swear she has greyhound in her... LOL.

She is still afraid of the teeter - but we're working on it.

This is our last set of indoor classes then we move outside for spring/summer.

This summer we will probably run some more fun matches. Her favorite obstacle is weave poles- which should come in handy if we ever do gamblers.

We are having fun and that's the best part.

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Re: Daisy is starting second set of ATC classes

Post by Lisa »

You and Daisy are getting there! Just keep having fun. Don't worry about moving up to the next class...you'll progress at your own rate.

I wouldn't worry too much about not being very athletic. It does help to be close to the dog when they are first learning, but you can do a lot with distance handling. I know some folks that stand in the middle of the ring and direct their dogs around the course. A few handlers I know even challenge each other with how much they'll move. Granted, they have Border Collies and have put agility champions on their dogs, but it's still possible!

Have fun, and I can't wait to see you and Daisy tearing up the course in some actual trials.
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Post by JoshuaKirus »

Hi does anyone know of somewhere that does puppy classes? have found a few on google but just wondered if any one is in the same area and has had experience of any?

If not, is there anything I should look out for when choosing somewhere or are they all mostly ok and on the level?


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