IFCS World Agility Championships

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IFCS World Agility Championships

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I got to spend my weekend watching some amazing dogs at the IFCS World Agility Championships, which were held in Ft. Worth. This event is held every two years, and this is the first time it's been held in the US. It was a small turnout for being a World Championship, but apparently the European Championships are next weekend, so a lot of the European competitors decided not to attend.

There were competitors from the US (of course), Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Belgium, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. There was supposed to be a team from Russia as well, but they had a screw-up with their paperwork and were not allowed to board their plane with their dogs in Russia, so they didn't make it. The New Zealanders and Australians actually borrowed US dogs and spend the week before the show learning to handle the dogs. They did this because if they brought their own dogs, they'd have to put the dogs in a 6 month quarantine before they could return home. A few of my friends were lucky enough to have their dogs chosen to be loaner dogs for the NZ team, so it was very cool to see dogs I knew running in the competition.

It was a very fun event, with lots of interesting handling and lots of great runs.
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