Back in the agility ring

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Back in the agility ring

Post by Lisa »

This weekend was Buster' first agility trial in 3 months. It was a new facility, so Buster's very first run on Saturday, he pretty much lost his mind. Then, he pulled it together to earn a P3 Snooker Q and a P3 Jumpers Q. My boy is now 8 years old, so I've moved him down to the 16 inch jump height in USDAA (from 22 inches). In AKC, he's still jumping 20. I mainly moved him down in USDAA because there are more runs per day, and he was getting very tired at the end of the day. He's liking 16"...and is much faster too! Yikes!

Here's his "lost my brain" P2 Standard run from Saturday: ... =00013.mp4
His Q and 2nd Place Snooker run from Saturday: ... =00014.mp4
and the second half of his Q Jumpers run from Saturday (his time was 33 seconds): ... =00015.mp4

Today wasn't quite as good. Standard was the first class again, and he went a little wild. Gamblers was a tough gamble and Buster decided he'd rather do a jump than a tunnel. Jumpers was a nice course, he just decided it needed some extra jumps in there for it to be complete.
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Re: Back in the agility ring

Post by Cindy »

You may have moved Buck to the lower jumps but it doesn't look like he's jumping any less! He looks great for eight!
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Re: Back in the agility ring

Post by Barb Wright »

LOVE the videos......he's still having great fun it looks like :D
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Re: Back in the agility ring

Post by PCTech01 »

Great Movies! Yeah, a little problem with the weave but he sure did good on the other events and did a good job on that triangle climb! Well Done Buster! :D :D Nice agility facility, too.


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Back in the agility ring

Post by RafaelJaiva »

Sounds like you are having a ball We loved it there and had great fun with the agility course. Elaine is wonderful and she made Casper feel so special and welcome. Looking forward to going back

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Back in the agility ring

Post by bleath »

Good luck to him. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and can climb back up the ranks legit and clean.

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