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Did your Britt make you laugh today? Did he do something so smart, you are blown away? Those puppy teeth causing you to tear up, and you need an outlet? Or do you want to post a picture of his or her latest point? This is the place for it!
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Post by lschill »

I'm considering a Brittany & visited some recently. These have a large yard to roam & explore on their own. My yard is not as large. They went back & forth & back & forth, etc. Sometimes looking at trees, occassionally digging. I know this is a bird dog, but is the pacing what this breed does? Given I have a city lot & not a 1/2 acre yard, what can I expect? Will a dog who is used to this have difficulty adjusting to less space & freedom? I know they like being around their people & I plan on participating in obedience & maybe agility. Will this be enough? Any tips. Thanks

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Post by Lisa »

In my experience, Brits seem to adapt well to whatever environment they live in. They do require quite a bit of exercise, and do seem to enjoy the outdoors, but that exercise need can be as easily accomplished by mental stimulation as it can by letting them run around they yard. I have just a regular yard and the dogs love exploring it. I make sure to take them on walks frequently, and provide lots of fun "games" to stimulate their minds.
In all honesty, even my one year old Brit only explores the yard for a few minutes then wants to just lay in the grass and watch the world go by...most dogs are not constantly running the whole time they are outside, and do need their people to help them exercise.

One of my fosters was adopted to a couple that lives in a condo...he gets daily walks, goes to the dog beach and dog park ferquently and is solid muscle and seems quite well adjusted.

As long as you are willing to make the commitment to adequately exercising your dog, it doesn't matter how big your home or yard are. Not all Brits have to be on the go all the time and some require less exercise and yard "hunting" than's just a matter of finding the right fit for your lifestyle.

Just my opinion :D
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Post by Dave »

Welcome to our discussion board .
Adopting a Brittany is a very good way to go :) . I am a Brittany owner and foster care volunteer and I only have a small city lot with a backyard that is 70x50 feet fenced and mine do wonderfully . The key thing is do something with them as they are active and very smart . I walk mine daily and play fetch with them etc. I would recomend an older Brittany to start with , maybe five or so , as by then they are settled down and still very full of energy . Typically a Brittany lives 13-15 years and they don't even act old till after 12 . I would also highly recomend an obedience class , as it will help you bond and let the dog know who is in charge . Any other questions just ask as I'm sure you'll get lots of answers . 8) Dave

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Post by Karen_P »

I have 3 Brittanys (well 4, but one is at hunting school now) and a 1/4 acre lot. Mine don't pace, but then again, there's never much going on outside my yard to pace and watch. The pacing could be an outlet for pent up energy or could have been a simple case of nerves.

For someone with a smaller yard, it really depends on how active you are. Would you mind going for a walk every day? Is there a dog park in your area you could let the dog run in twice a week? And most importantly, what age Brittany are you considering?

I've adopted dogs to people without yards, but they were 4+ yr old Brittanys and the families were active, outdoorsy families who walked twice a day, hiked on the weekends, and had a dog park or fenced area to run the dog close by.

If you work 9 hours a day and come home and and like to relax, watch TV, play on the computer and talk on the phone, a Brittany is probably not the dog for you.

If you come home from work, like to take a brisk walk, like to play fetch, do obedience drills, play hide and seek (hide a biscuit, let the dog find it)...that kind of thing, you'd probably do just fine with a 4+ yr old Brittany.

I would not recommend a puppy or very young Brittany though. They usually require LOTS of exercise.

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Post by Barb Wright »

Ischill: What you observed is not common just to the Brittany...this was dogs "getting in their miles" without other opportunities to exercise or express themselves. Any breed that requires exercise and something to occupy their mind will resort to pacing. If you decide on a Brittany you will need to understand that you must commit to daily exercise, not just for the body but for the brain....these are very smart, thinking dogs and will require your input of physical and mental stimulation. Go here ... osing.html

to read more about the Brittany.

If you decide that maybe you cannot commit the time required for raising and training a young dog/puppy, you might consider an older dog or a senior.....they still need their folks attention and some can still do obedience or agility for fun.

You need to give serious consideration to the amount of time you can devote to your Brittany....your space limitations are not really the deciding factor, but the time each day that you can devote to the dogs' exercise and interaction requirements are very serious considerations. These are high energy dogs and need outlets for their instincts, which obviously is hunting, but substitutions for that "calling" can be met :)

Welcome to our discussion board :) and I am sure some others will chime in with some thoughts for you to consider before you commit to a Britt.....we all LOVE the breed and want the very best for each and every one :)
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Post by Kathy »

If you work 9 hours a day and come home and and like to relax, watch TV, play on the computer and talk on the phone, a Brittany is probably not the dog for you.
Well, yes and no. A "senior" brit (8+ years) needs a little exercise (daily walks or walks 2-3 times per week) and some love & affection. Well, ok, my adopted seniors needed a little exercise (one was content with a 1/2 mile around the neighborhood block) but really soak up the TLC. If you work 9 hours a day, and like to relax while snuggling / petting your Brit, then a "senior" may be fine.

I don't have a fenced in yard, I've got a long tie-out for both my Brits. They can range around the yard & they're pretty happy. I also walk them (weather permitting) for about 1/2 mile (15 minutes) to 1.5 miles (35-45 minutes), weather permitting.

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Post by Carol »

We have a regular city lot and Boomer does just fine. During the day he plays with the other pooches and when I get home we play fetch with him for a while. He was going to training once a week too so that got him out of the house, and then there are the walkies.

I love the ideas of adopting an older dog and I would definitly go with that.
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