My 3 1/2 month is eating EVERYTHING!

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My 3 1/2 month is eating EVERYTHING!

Post by Amanda »

I know it is normal puppy behavior for my little Brittany, Julep, to chew on anything she can, but she is eating it too. Thankfully, we have had zero issues with her passing it all, but I am concerned that we are running out of luck. She is crated during the day and while we sleep, but otherwise she has free range of whatever room we are in or outside on her lead. The most time she is left alone is a few seconds, and you would not believe the damage she can inflict in that time on socks, couches, cabinets, the clothes I am wearing, her bed, her get the picture. I adore her and more than anything I am worried for her safety and the sanity of my husband. Outside is the same thing: She doesn't just play, she has to pick it up and eat it: rocks, sticks, grass, dirt, bugs, animal feces... I have started feeling guilty that maybe she is not getting enough food, so I have left the bowl out with food in it all the time. It doesn't seem to make a difference. I give her bones (which she tears apart in a matter of an hour), durable toys (which she leaves), and I have tried distracting her with interactive play. There is no greater joy to her than sneaking something she shouldn't and hiding and eating her prize. I am at my wits end! HELP!

As a side note: Julep is the sweetest, quirkiest, funniest, quickest, naughtiest and yet smartest pup in the world. I couldn't have a more perfect dog, but i am exhausted and tired and feeling like i have some kind of PTSD.

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Re: My 3 1/2 month is eating EVERYTHING!

Post by adele »

I'm not an expert.

When my girl was a puppy she was either in her crate, tethered, or under my direct supervision. I'm serious... eyes on the puppy or she was restrained. It worked very well for training her. I never lost anything valuable to chewing. She did learn to go into my laundry and taunt me with my dirty socks but I kinda played along there... I tried the product Bitter Apple but I don't actually remember if it worked... I do remember being really worried about electric wires (paranoid).

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Re: My 3 1/2 month is eating EVERYTHING!

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When my Cassie was a puppy she was somewhat like that, just about anything that she could get in her mouth she tried to eat. I too found it sooooooo frustrating, and equally scary a lot of the time. It was the period of "drop it, leave it" that seemed to go on forever. It took constant vigilance and so she was allowed little freedom until she was about a year old. She was different in one way, she did not do this in the house, she was never destructive in the house or the car. It was only when we were on walks or hikes, outside at our home.

You didn't mention how old your pup is...when they are quite young (before six months old) I think so much of it is investigation, tasting everything and the swallowing just sort of follows. I think some of it gets to be attention seeking, a game if you will, because it certainly does work to capture your attention. All I can say is just keep up the constant vigilance. LIke Adele suggested, you just need to keep them "attached" to you most of the time. Use it for a training opportunity (as frustrating as the repetition can be) when you can, and just pray that the phase will pass soon.
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Post by Ronaldfes »

Hello We recently brought home our new 3 month old chow. She was eating well during her first night at home. We started noticing that she wasnt eating properly just yesterday. Im not sure if its an appetite problem, because when we call her out to eat she runs and follows her bowl around. However, once we set it down for her she sniffs it then walks away. I tried putting her food on the floor. She eats a few, and walks away again. She looks okay. Her poop is okay. Shes been dewormed, too. Still, Im worried this might turn into a serious problem. Btw, Im feeding her Beef Pro, and Im wondering if this is the best thing to feed my pup. Any responses would help.

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