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Please Read these guidelines before using the ABR message board.

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ABR Message Board Guidlines

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This is the place you can ask questions or offer advice about any aspect of the world of Brittanys. It can be a great resource for information about training, health, activities, care and coping with this breed. While using this message board, we understand that everyone may not always agree on the best method or solution to problems but we do expect everyone to be polite, considerate, and maintain respect for the opinions of others at all times. We do reserve the right to delete any messages that we feel do not meet this criteria.

Do not post dogs here that are for sale, free, or need to go to rescue or new homes. Please contact the Brittany Rescue representative in your area to get assistance. As message board moderators, we believe that although everyone's intentions may seem to be noble & good, some may not be.

You are welcome to post pictures and/or links to your private web site about your Brittanys. Any advertisements must be approved by one of our message board Moderators.

Do not post personal information about yourself here. This is common sense for any website or message board you encounter. We would like to discourage you from posting where you live, your phone number, and any other items that may fall into that category. The reason we ask for you e-mail address is so that if someone does want to get in touch with you, they are able to do so. We may want to contact you also if you need help.

Per the COPPA Act that was enacted in 1998, we can not allow anyone age 13 or under to post on this message board as we require a full name & e-mail address in order to participate here. This is considered a violation of their privacy. This law was designed to protect children from predators on the Internet. Legally, we are bound to follow this law. Please take care to follow these guidelines

By using these simple tips, we can make this a great place for people to come & exchange ideas and helpful information!